Greek filo parcels with tzatziki

Ever tried Greek ‘spinach pie’ and enjoyed it? If so (or even if you haven’t!), you’re going to love these cute little filo parcels stuffed with lovely Mediterranean flavours including spinach, feta cheese, dill and sundried tomatoes. Mmmmm!

Greek filo parcels - cute little easy-to-make pastry parcels stuffed with spinach and feta cheese. Mmmm!

I’m afraid I’m going to get all British on you again by talking about the weather. [Read more…]

10-minute hoi sin beef and noodles

This 10-minute hoi sin beef and noodles dish is so easy it’s really more of an idea than a recipe. You can cut a few corners and still end up with a healthy, freshly-prepared home-cooked meal.

10-minute hoi sin beef & noodles

I’ve probably (OK then, definitely) become a little lazier lately when it comes to cooking meals for myself and Mr. Scrummy. [Read more…]

3-ingredient strawberries and cream ‘magic’ scones

Your in-laws/friends/neighbours/new boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s parents are dropping in at short notice. What do you do? Frantically grab some flour, lemon soda and cream (yes, JUST flour, lemon soda & cream) and magically whip up these light and fluffy scones in just 20 minutes, that’s what … and then hey presto they think you’re a baking whizz and love you forever.

3-ingredient strawberries and cream ‘magic’ scones

Now I can imagine what you’re thinking. “Scones made with only 3 ingredients? Seriously? OK, maybe, but they must taste pretty average …”. [Read more…]

Moussaka penne (30 minute meal)

Like me, do you love moussaka but don’t love the hassle of making it? Then I’ve got the perfect quick meal for you … it’s ‘almost’ one-pot, it’s got all the flavours of a lovely Greek moussaka but it takes barely 30 minutes to make!

Moussaka pasta - all the flavours of a delicious classic Greek moussaka but without the hassle. Ready in less than 30 minutes!

This past week, Mr. Scrummy and I were lucky enough to spend a few days in Paris. As usual when we go on a city break, we walked our legs off wandering through the streets around all the famous sights and then made a ridiculous amount of effort chasing down all the best food experiences. Maybe it’s just  me (surely not?) but I always hate the thought of visiting a new place and feeling like I haven’t found the best food it has to offer! [Read more…]

Eton Mess fridge cake

Brits love Eton Mess – a summer dessert of cream tossed with meringue and strawberries. Me, not so much, but I thought I’d combine the flavours of this popular dessert in a white chocolate fridge cake. Mmmm … it turned out great!

Eton Mess fridge cake - all the flavours of a classic British dessert in a white chocolate fridge cake!

I’m not really a fan of Eton Mess. Now, if you’re British, you probably have a shocked look on your face right now (‘She doesn’t like Eton Mess? What kind of a British food lover is she?’) If you happen to not be from the UK, the look on your face might be resembling something a bit more confused (‘What on earth is Eton Mess, anyway? Sounds … errr … messy?’). [Read more…]

Greek baked chicken wings (from Recipe Tin Eats!)

It’s the perfect time of year for chicken wings. Wait, isn’t any time of year the perfect time? It certainly is for these Greek baked chicken wings from the endlessly talented Nagi at Recipe Tin Eats! 

Greek baked chicken wings by Recipe Tin Eats

I think we would all agree that Greece needs a bit of positive press at the moment, so let me just say that one (among many) of the wonderful things about living there was the glorious weather. [Read more…]