Sun-dried tomato, parmesan & rosemary palmiers

Do you bore yourself with your lack of ‘pre-dinner nibble’ imagination when you have guests over? I certainly do, so I thought I’d replace those dull dishes of crisps & nuts with something a bit more impressive … these easy puff pastry ‘palmiers’ stuffed with tasty sun-dried tomatoes, parmesan & fresh rosemary. Mmmm!

sundried tomato, parmesan & rosemary palmiers - perfect for pre-dinner nibblies!

One of the things I thought that the Australians were really good at when I lived there recently was chips ‘n’ dips and ‘nibbles’ before dinner.  [Read more…]

Caprese quesadillas with roasted vegetables

Do you ever have roasted veggies for dinner – onions, sweet potatoes, peppers & cherry tomatoes, let’s say – and end up with a few too many?  How about making some oozy, tasty quesadillas with the leftovers? Throw the veggies onto a tortilla with some mozzarella & loads of fresh basil, fold, crisp up in a pan and you’ve got a sweet, relatively healthy and delicious cheesy snack! 

Roasted vegetable ‘caprese’ quesadillas - a great way to use up roasted vegetable leftovers!

Jokes fly in our family about the fact that Mr. Scummy and I are always eating leftovers. I’m not sure whether this is an insult, a compliment, or somewhere in between, but it is true that we don’t like to waste any food! [Read more…]

Mee goreng (spicy Indonesian noodles)

Ever heard of mee goreng? I hadn’t until I met Mr. Scrummy and he told me how delicious these spicy Indonesian (or Malaysian!) street food noodles are. He was right, of course, and guess what?  Great news – they’re pretty easy to make at home and taste just as delicious!

Mee goreng - spicy Indonesian noodles

Almost exactly 2 years ago, I got married to the ever scrumptious Mr. Scrummy. [Read more…]

Pea, mint & feta quinoa fritters

If you’ve had enough of heavy, wintery food for one year, then I suspect these crispy spring fritters with squashy peas, crumbled feta, lemon zest and large handfuls of fresh mint and parsley might be just up your street! 

Pea, mint & feta quinoa fritters - a perfect little spring-time snack!

It is all of a few weeks into spring, and is still annoyingly chilly most days, and yet I find myself craving salads and lighter bites already! [Read more…]

6-ingredient gooey Swedish chocolate cake (kladdkaka)

This chocolate cake is not only one of the best I’ve ever eaten, but the easiest, too. One pan only and no whisking required. Just melt the butter and stir everything else in and you’re only 20 minutes away from oozy, gooey, richly chocolaty heaven!

6-ingredient gooey Swedish chocolate cake (kladdkaka) EASY, FAST, DECADENT & IMPRESSIVE!

Recipes like this tend to call my name pretty quickly, so when I saw it in one of those free supermarket food magazines recently, I filed it away in the ‘to make’ section in my head. [Read more…]

asparagus brunch tart with parmesan & basil

This spring tart celebrates the first of this season’s local asparagus. It’s easy to make and easy to customise. Keep it simple with just parmesan and basil, add some bacon or a poached egg – or bacon and a poached egg. Delicious!

asparagus brunch tart with parmesan & basil

On Monday, I went back to the 1940s! [Read more…]

‘Hot cross bun’ truffles

There is nothing that shouts ‘It’s Easter!’ over here in the UK more than freshly baked hot cross buns. But if, like me, you’re ‘hot cross bun-making challenged’, it might be better to stick to making these hot cross bun spiced chocolate truffles instead!

Hot cross bun truffles

I didn’t know I was ‘hot cross bun-making challenged’ until I tried making some hot cross buns for the very first time last week. [Read more…]