Chicken, chorizo & ‘patatas bravas’ tray bake

Have you ever tried Spanish patatas bravas? They’re delicious fried potatoes with tomato sauce. Now imagine how tasty they are baked with chicken and chorizo … all in an easy one-dish tray bake!

chicken, chorizo & 'patatas bravas' tray bake

One of the reasons (well, OK then, the main reason …) I chose my university course was because I got to spend a term in southern Spain. [Read more…]

Cheat’s pastitsio (with a yoghurt topping)

Pastitsio is in most Greek households’ every day meal rotation, but I find it can be a bit of a ‘chore’ to eat (and make!) Not this easy peasy version with a simple yoghurt-y topping, though!

Cheat's pastitsio with a yoghurt topping

This is probably not the way I really want to start off this post to best sell this meal to you. But I’m going to anyway. ;-) [Read more…]

Chocolate stout cupcakes with peanut butter frosting

If you don’t usually celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, these cupcakes are enough of a reason to make you start! They’re richly chocolaty, darkly luxurious and topped with an insanely delicious peanut butter frosting. They’re also super easy to make & frost – perfect for novice cupcake-makers like me!

Chocolate stout cupcakes with peanut butter frosting

I have never once celebrated St. Patrick’s Day (sorry, my dear Irish friends!) but starting from next year I will, just so that I can have an excuse to make these chocolate stout cupcakes with peanut butter frosting again and again. [Read more…]

Samosa pie

Imagine a pie that’s a cross between a traditional English Shepherd’s pie and and an Indian samosa … and you get this samosa pie!

Samosa pie

A friend of mine and Mr. Scrummy’s in Australia is originally from Singapore. Everyone loves to invite her to a party or gathering because she’s a beautiful person. They also don’t mind at all that as a big bonus she tends to bring along a huge plateful of freshly made samosas. [Read more…]

Cheesy roasted cauliflower mash (the best mashed potatoes!)

Are these the best mashed potatoes you’ll ever taste? With the slightly nutty and sweet roasted cauliflower, potato and cheese in them, they could well be!

Are these the best mashed potatoes ever?  They combine roasted cauliflower with potato and cheese. Delicious!

Sausage and mash has always been one of those classic meals like spaghetti bolognese, shepherd’s pie or fish and chips over here in the UK. As we all well know, though, ‘classic’ doesn’t always have to equal good. I’m lookin’ at you, cheapy ‘value’ sausages and lumpy tasteless mash of the school diners and chain restaurants of my childhood! [Read more…]

15-minute sticky sesame chicken

When you taste these chicken pieces coated in a sticky, super simple Asian sauce and toasted sesame seeds, you’ll be so impressed with yourself for getting something so flavoursome on the table in just 15 minutes!

15-minute sticky sesame chicken

Mr. Scrummy and I got all excited by a purchase we made a couple of weeks ago. [Read more…]

Our favourite baked eggplant with tomato & feta (gluten-free)

This Mediterranean-style baked eggplant with tomato sauce & feta is a great healthy (& gluten-free!) appetizer or accompaniment to grilled meat or fish. It might seem simple, but it’ll send your taste-buds soaring … promise!

Our favourite eggplant with tomato & feta

At the risk of sending some of your cursors racing straight to the cross in the right hand corner of your screens, I’m going to tell you about yet another meal that Mr. Scrummy and I had in Greece when we visited a few weeks ago. [Read more…]