lemon bakewell slices

(lemon almond bars)

- perfect for afternoon tea, Mother's day & baby showers - 3 yummy layers - impressive... but easy! - a lemony twist on a traditional bakewell tart

easy lemon bakewell slices (lemon almond bars)


8 people


easy dessert


50 mins



1. flour 2. butter 3. icing sugar 4. eggs 5. sugar 6. almond flour 7. lemon curd 8. flaked almonds

What you need

Rub butter into flour until like breadcrumbs

Add icing sugar & egg and stir to make a pastry ball

Chill pastry

Roll out the pastry to roughly the size of the pan

Press the pastry into the pan & bake

Make the frangipane batter

Spread pastry with lemon curd & frangipane

Bake, cut & enjoy!

Replace the lemon curd with cherry jam, fresh raspberries or even Nutella :-)

"I made these yesterday and they are delicious, the whole family loved them."