Easy Moroccan chicken stew

(chicken tagine)

- Only 10 minutes prep - no pre-cooking: just layer & simmer! - a sweet and aromatic crowd pleaser - stove top, slow cooker or pressure cooker

easy Moroccan chicken stew (chicken tagine)


6 people


stove top


1 hour



1. 2 onions & 5 cloves garlic 2. 1/2 cubed eggplant 3. 6 spices + fresh herbs 4. 6 big chicken thighs 5. 1/2 cup prunes 6. 1 lemon 7. 3/4 cup chicken stock 8. herbs, yoghurt & almonds to garnish

What you need

Add a 'protective' layer of onions and garlic

Layer up the ingredients

Add chicken stock and lemon zest and juice

Serve with plain couscous, garnished with fresh herbs, yoghurt & almonds :-)

"Hi Helen, made this chicken tagine last night….it was easy and very delicious. All my boys agreed and want it again. A real bonus not having to brown the chicken and onions…I had my doubts but it worked beautifully."