easy cinnamon scrolls (1 hour)


10 people


easy dessert


1 hour



1. flour 2. yeast 3. sugar & salt 4. butter, milk, water 5. an egg 6. Filling: soft butter, brown sugar, cinnamon 7. 2-ingredient icing: just orange juice & water

What you need

Mix the wet ingredients into the dry.

Add an egg and knead with hands until you have a smooth ball of dough.

Spread soft butter, cinnamon & brown sugar all over rolled out dough.

Roll up, then cut into 10 equal 'rolls'

Arrange in pan, let rise 20 mins then pour extra milk over before baking!

Bake 20 mins, then drizzle icing sugar + orange juice over top!

Enjoy warm with a cup of coffee!

Add fruit, nuts, chocolate & more to the filling to make them your own :-)

"Unreal, I can cook (like a fiend) but I can’t bake; well, I can bake these. Successfully! This man that can not bake will be making a second batch today. Thank you so much."