Homemade food gift: marshmallow & swirly chocolate crispy squares

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Everyone loves receiving a homemade food gift! Marshmallow & swirly chocolate crispy squares by Scrummy Lane

We’ve all heard the saying ‘the best things in life are free’, which of course is mostly true. But allow me to suggest that the second best things in life are ‘simple’.

When I had only just met Mr. Scrummy and was showing him around Athens, we spent one glorious late afternoon sitting at one of the oldest, most traditional little tavernas in the old neighbourhood that sits on the slopes of the Acropolis. (< You thought I was going to suggest Mr. Scrummy was ‘simple’ then, didn’t you? 😉 ) The warm sun was sinking lower over this ancient part of the city as we ate the most beautiful fried cheese with honey you can imagine. We squeezed over some lemon, cut the oozing, just-cooked snack into small squares and devoured it with little pieces of fresh bread and glasses of iced ouzo. The free entertainment was provided by the neighbourhood’s resident cats performing their sneaky Mission Impossible style antics to catch the tastiest morsels dropping (or being dropped in our case) from the tables.

Now for the best part. We returned a couple of weeks later to this same spot to repeat our experience, enjoyed it just as much, drank a little too much ouzo, then went for a stroll and had our first kiss right under the lit-up night-time Acropolis. The rest is history and I’m guessing you’re either saying ‘Aw, how sweet!’ right now or wanting to vomit with the ‘cheesiness’ of it all (< sorry, very bad joke). For those of you in the ‘wanting to vomit’ camp, it might make you feel better to hear that on our last day in Athens recently we promised ourselves that we would get everything finished early and leave time to enjoy our favourite cheese and honey one last time, but we just didn’t manage it. Not even close. Unfortunately our ‘simple pleasure’ that time was not to be.

You would be forgiven for thinking that I’m now going to give you the recipe for that wonderful cheese with honey. Well, sorry, no. Maybe another time (but in the meantime have a go at this baked feta which is just as good, I promise).

Everyone loves receiving a homemade food gift! Marshmallow & swirly chocolate crispy squares by Scrummy Lane

What I am going to share today is how to make these marshmallow & swirly chocolate crispy squares, because they too are almost too simple and good to be true. You would also be forgiven for wondering why I am sharing a sort of posh rice krispy treat that you would probably more suitably imagine yourself making with children. But trust me, these were shared with the three other adults I’m living with at the moment and they were raved about by them all. If you’re British and have ever tried a ‘toffee crisp’ chocolate bar, these crispy squares really reminded me of those. If not, I bet there’s a similar chocolate bar in your country that you’ll think of if you make these and when you first bite into them.

Everyone loves receiving a homemade food gift! Marshmallow & swirly chocolate crispy squares by Scrummy Lane

So all that is required to transport you to crispy, chewy, marshmallow-y heaven is to melt marshmallows with a little butter, stir in rice krispies and press the mixture into a baking tin. It’ll be too sticky to use a spoon so press it in with your fingers (go on, just do it!) Pop into the fridge for an hour or so to set, cut into small squares, then dip them into melted chocolate. I chose to melt both milk and white chocolate together so that when I dipped the crispy squares in it the chocolate set in a swirly pattern (as you can see from this post, I’m getting a bit obsessed with swirly patterns!) I also dipped the ‘pointy’ edge of the squares in chocolate only so that half of them were covered in chocolate and half were left plain, but you could dip the whole square in if you wanted to. You could even add a little peanut butter to the rice crispy mixture (mmm … now there’s an idea). The possibilities are many!

Making marshmallow crispy squaresMaking marshmallow & swirly chocolate crispy squaresEveryone loves receiving a homemade food gift! Marshmallow & swirly chocolate crispy squares by Scrummy Lane

As you can see in the photographs below, I decided to package these marshmallow squares to give as little gifts. Well, sort of. Actually, I just packaged them up like this to show you that you could and then presented one of them to each member of my family. Completely silly, but they all seemed to like having their own little bag of treats. My mum even ate two of her four little squares and put a note on the bag that said ‘MINE!’ to stop anyone from eating the rest. (< haha … hope she doesn’t read this!)

Everyone loves receiving a homemade food gift! Marshmallow & swirly chocolate crispy squares by Scrummy LaneEveryone loves receiving a homemade food gift! Marshmallow & swirly chocolate crispy squares by Scrummy LaneEveryone loves receiving a homemade food gift! Marshmallow & swirly chocolate crispy squares by Scrummy Lane

These simple little chocolate treats might not be quite as satisfying as an afternoon scoffing fried cheese and honey and drinking ouzo on the slopes of the Acropolis, but they aren’t too far off.

What ‘simple pleasures’ have you enjoyed recently?

Homemade food gift: marshmallow & swirly chocolate crispy squares

Serves: Makes around 35 to 40 little squares

Remember your childhood rice krispie treats? Make this version that both adults and children will enjoy by melting marshmallows with a little butter and stirring in rice krispies. Cut into bite-sized squares, then dip into melted white and milk chocolate for a swirly effect. Lovely packaged in a little transparent bag to give as a gift.
  • about 7.75 ounces/220 grams marshmallows (I used pink and white!)
  • 1.25 ounces/35 grams butter
  • 5 ounces/140 grams rice krispies
  • about 11 ounces/320 grams good quality chocolate (I used about two thirds milk chocolate and one third white)
  1. Line a baking tin with baking paper (I used a 10 x 7 inch tin but it would be fine to use a slightly larger one).
  2. Put the marshmallows into a large pan along with the butter and melt on a low-ish heat. (The mixture might start to look as if it’s turning to caramel in spots – that’s OK, but just make sure it doesn’t burn. As soon as it has more or less melted, take it off the heat.)
  3. Quickly add the rice krispies and stir until they are all covered with the sticky mixture. Tip into the baking tin and press down into the corners and flatten as much as you can with the tips of your fingers.
  4. Put the whole tin in the fridge to harden for an hour or so. Just before the hour is up, melt the white and milk chocolate in a small but deep bowl in the microwave in 30 second or so bursts until just melted. Swirl the chocolates together a little if you like with a knife.
  5. Lift the whole crispy-marshallow slab out of the tin and cut it into bite-sized squares on a cutting board. Dip each crispy square into the melted chocolate (I dipped them so that only a triangular-shaped half was covered in chocolate), letting some of the excess chocolate drip off before placing on a fresh piece of baking paper (non-chocolate-covered side down) to set.
  6. After the chocolate has set, package the squares nicely in clear gift bags tied up with a piece of ribbon if you like. If not giving as a gift, keep the squares in an airtight container.
Adapted from this recipe by Nigella Lawson.

Add a couple of tablespoons of melted peanut butter to the mixture before pressing it into the baking tin.
Cover the whole square in chocolate, or keep the different types of chocolate separate and dip some squares in each.

To stop your chocolate from developing white streaks after it dries, barely melt your chocolate and let the last chunks melt into the rest without heating any more. This is a 'cheat's' way to temper your chocolate.

I love homemade food gifts! Other food gifts to try:

chocolate orange truffles 

mango & pistachio chocolate bark

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  1. says

    What lovely memories you’re sharing from when you met Mr Scrummy :) Ouzo, oh we have a bottle and I love it 😉 We have a Greek friend that each time he comes to visit he brings us a bottle of ouzo. Your posh rice crispy treat actually looks like a beautiful work of art, and I love you you’ve packaged them! I’ll need to give this a try one day. xx

    • says

      Thanks, Sofia! I’ve never had any of my recipes described as a work of art before (blush). Please do give these a try some time, but then do give them away because otherwise you’ll be dipping into them all week – believe me!

  2. says

    Can you please write a book about your travels and romance (and also include recipes, of course)? -I’m “melting” from reading this story! 😉 So romantic. I am in the “aw” camp for sure.

    These look like those chocolate seashells with that beautiful swirly pattern. So pretty! In Canada, we have something called, Coffee Crisp, which was always one of my favourite chocolate bars as a kid. I think I need to research this Toffee Crisp you’re talking about! They sound oddly alike lol.

    Great story, photos, and recipe, as always!

    • says

      So far there are plenty of people in the ‘aw’ camp, so that’s a relief. Although I bet the ones in the ‘vomit’ camp wouldn’t want to admit it!
      Ahhh … they do look like those chocolate seashells, don’t they? And when I come to Canada some day for that coffee break of ours, I’ll bring a toffee crisp and you can bring a coffee crisp and we’ll compare notes. 😉
      So glad you liked the post!

  3. says

    Hi helen!

    Love the stories. Keep em coming =)

    So glad over your obsession for swirly patterns, pretty food makes me so happy. I think like you’d said, we’d add peanut butter. Peter Pan peanut butter of course!

    When you put these squares in the little bags, I just had this vision of little wedding shower and/or baby shower favors. Everyone would love to receive these instead of the same old same old bubbles.

    • says

      So happy you enjoy the stories, Laura. Sometimes I wonder if anyone is really interested! Love the idea of giving these at a baby shower! Sort of appropriate as they’re pretty ‘child-friendly’ even though I was trying to pretend they were just for adults! :-)

  4. says

    I’m in the awwww crowd :) That is so sweet and not at all cheesy (ok, maybe a little 😉 ) These squares are my dream; so sticky and chewy and sweet! Love the marshmallow and chocolate combo. Delicious!

  5. says

    I’m in the “aww” and envious crowd! You’ve transported me back to Greece, but when I went the Acropolis was closed down because a man was up there threatening to kill himself. Can you imagine? I never got to see it, or experience that particular taverna with the crispy fried cheese and ouzo. At least I got to live vicariously through you, and it sounds amazing, just like these rice crispy squares! I love the swirls…such a sucker for swirls, and your description of them makes me want some with my morning coffee. :)

    • says

      Aw, Marcie, that is SUCH bad luck! The only other times I’ve known the Acropolis to be closed is because of the strikes that were happening a few years ago, and they were just every now and again. If you ever go back again let me know and I’ll give you the address of the fried cheese and honey place … just lovely on a sunny afternoon. So happy that you like the marshmallow crispy thingies. Fun, aren’t they? I really enjoyed making (& eating) them anyhow! Have a great weekend!

  6. says

    What a great story! Love it! I think I’m in need of one of these marshmallow squares right about now. Would be great for an afternoon pick me up! And I love you packaged these cuties up. Makes them so much more appealing, and great to give as gifts!

    • says

      Unfortunately I’ve been sneaking one of these for my afternoon pick-me-up every day since I made them almost a week ago now! Naughty me! At least the squares are only bite-sized!

    • says

      Actually, you’re right, the white chocolate does make these a bit creamy as well as crispy, Norma. So glad you like them! And yes, definitely do take your hubby to Athens .. and the islands. How about Santorini? It’s so romantic there!

  7. says

    These are so adorable Helen, I can see why you have to give some away as gifts because they look so darn good, I would eat them all. Also love the story about Mr Scrummy and yourself, so romantic! (sigh)

    • says

      Well, it’s funny you should mention that, Cheri … despite giving plenty away as gifts, there were still too many left and despite having made these almost a week ago now I’m still grabbing one now and then. Terrible! They are still absolutely fine, though – I wondered if the rice krispies would go soft by now but they haven’t yet. So glad you like ‘our’ story … basically I’m admitting that ouzo played a part in us getting together … lol!

  8. says

    J’aime beaucoup cette recette Helen, simple et efficace! Elle es parfait pour faire avec mes enfants et en plus on adore les marsmallows. J’aime aussi tes petits sacs cadeaux, très bonne idée!
    La prochaine fois, tu dois nos donner la fameuse recette grecque du fromage frit avec le miel, ça m’ai mis l’eau à la bouche!
    C’était très touchant ton histoire, pas de tout envie de vomir!
    Je te souhaite un très bonne dimanche!

    • says

      Je te souhaite toi aussi un tres bon weekend avec ta familly, Eva. Je suis tres heureuse que tu aimes la recette. Tu as raison – c’est assez simple pour faire avec les enfants. Quant a la recette du fromage frit, j’aimerais bien le partager avec vous … je dois juste pratiquer chez moi un peu pour voir si je peux le faire exactement comme on l’a mange en Grece! :-)

    • says

      Thanks so much, Pamela. These did actually come out looking more attractive than I was expecting. So glad you like them!

    • says

      Hello, Gloria! Thank you so much for paying me a visit and for loving my little story! I lived in Greece for so long that it felt ‘normal’ to be there, of course, but there are some beautiful little spots over there – you must visit some day! So glad you like the crispy squares, too, and thanks so much for pinning! :-)

    • says

      Thanks so much, Tina … I’m so glad you didn’t find the story too cheesy!! And that you liked the crispy treats! :-)

  9. says

    I definitely think that’s an “aw” story. And I agree that the best things in life are simple- like sipping a cup of coffee in the morning, which is what I am doing now.
    Love the swirl you made on the crispy squares!

    • says

      Oh yes … I agree about the ‘coffee moment’ … precious! So glad you like the crispy squares … my favourite part is the swirls!

  10. says

    Such a great gift! I love making homemade stuff from the kitchen to give as presents : ) And that swirl – I just love the way anything with a swirl looks!

    And I am in the very sweet camp about the story : )

    • says

      Phew … no one has admitted to being in the ‘vomit’ camp yet! I really love giving homemade gifts … especially pretty ones! :-)

  11. says

    What a cute story about your romance in Athens! You’re so right the simple things are what you remember and cherish after holidays and just in general! These bars look so easy but mainly delicious!

  12. says

    OK, I am totally swiping this dipping idea from you!!! I’ve been meaning to make Rice Krispie Treats for my daughter since she ripped a recipe out of a magazine months ago. You’ve given me the perfect way to finish them off. THANK YOU! (I’ll definitely link back to you if they are a success).

    • says

      That’s great, Liz … I’m honoured! I found that my chocolate ‘streaked’ a tiny bit after it had set because I overheated my chocolate. After doing some research I found out that just barely melting it and then stirring the unmelted bits of chocolate in and letting them melt without any more heat helps to stop that from happening. Good luck!

  13. says

    I’m loving all these food gifts you make for friends and family! It is beyond cool and awesome!! And you totally had me laughing with this: “You thought I was going to suggest Mr. Scrummy was ‘simple’ then, didn’t you? ;-)” It was so funny!!

    • says

      Ha … glad I made you chuckle, Chris! 😉 It suddenly struck me that I probably should have left more of a gap between mentioning ‘simple’ and my husband, so I thought I’d just make it clear that the two weren’t at all related. So glad you like these food gifts. I think they are a developing ‘passion’ of mine!

    • says

      Oh, they would be sooo easy to make with children, Bintu. You don’t even have to do the swirly thing with the chocolate if you’d rather keep things really simple. So glad you like them! :-)

  14. says

    That story is just SOOOO CUTE!!!!!!! No date is truly complete without a delicious meal and the fried cheese with honey sounds GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!!! These squares look ADORABLE!!!!!!!!! I love that you dipped them in two kinds of chocolate and that swirly pattern! Oh God! Too much cuteness! And your mom!!! hehehe!!!! How sweeeet of her that she labelled her gift pack! <3 I wouldn't want to share mine either!!!!

    • says

      I think I’m going to have to make that cheese for the blog soon, Samina. Since writing this post I’ve been craving it again. It is funny that my mum labelled her treats, isn’t it? It worked, though … no one touched them! 😉

  15. says

    Aww that is such a sweet story!! And yes, I do think the best things in life are simple. I haven’t made rice krispies treats in FOREVER…but I believe it’s time to change that.

    • says

      I hadn’t made them for literally YEARS and decided it was time I changed that! So glad you like the story! 😉

  16. says

    These look so scrumptious! Such in fact that I literally want to reach through the screen and grab em. I guess it’s my fault that I still haven’t taken the time to feed myself. Whoa is me.I need someone to start making me breakfast. :)
    Have a great Monday!

    • says

      Aw, Melanie! If I was close by I would pop over and make you some brekky! So glad you like these … I have to admit I was pleased with how they turned out. 😉

  17. says

    Helen, you paint a very beautiful picture 😀 I’m oohing and ahhing at the romance. I can see the kids and I truly enjoying these chocolate crispy squares. They look absolutely divine!

  18. says

    What a great story! I love hearing about people’s first meetings and first dates, it is so special! I also really want to eat some fried cheese and honey right now, but I think these rice crispy treats will do! Homemade gifts are the best! Every Christmas I make a bunch of homemade treats and send them out to family and now everyone expects them, so I guess I can’t stop :) I love the chocolatey swirl you created on these and they look perfect all wrapped up in their little bags!

    • says

      So glad you appreciated the story, Isadora … and don’t worry, I’m considering making the fried cheese and honey for the blog very soon! That’s funny that you are sort of ‘stuck’ making your homemade treats. Thankfully, it sounds like you enjoy it, though! :-)

  19. says

    omg Helen, this crispy squares looks divine! I love giving sweet stuff as a gift, I think everybody loves to receive it 😀

    • says

      I agree! I would love to receive any kind of food gift (hint hint to any friends reading this!) So glad you like these crispy squares, Karla!

  20. says

    Aww.. I have always wanted to go to Athens!! How very romantic ;).
    Also, I kind of was expecting that recipe. Oh well, good thing chocolate is also my other weakness apart from cheese. This looks great!

    • says

      Ha! Sorry about that, Kathleen! Well, I am actually thinking of posting the cheese recipe too sometime soon, so please do check back later! Glad you like the chocolate as well, though! :-)

  21. shashi @ runninsrilankan says

    These might be “simple” but they are gorgeous – adorable!
    I love these – what a wonderful gift idea! I also love the story of your and Mr. Scrummy’s first date and first kiss at the same spot your first date was…awww… :)


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